sony mdr 7502 replacement parts

Page 1: Operation Manual TB12 TONEBEAST MICROPHONE PREAMPLIFIER OPERATION MANUAL The Warm Audio Tone Beast TB12 is one of the highest quality microphone preamplifiers on the market in its price range. this thing is UNREAL. WARM Audio WA-412. Specifically, the WA-412 contains the Warm X520 recreation of the API 2520. Warm Audio WA-412. If a 1176 or LA-2A 'take' sounds quite similar to an original (or is believed to be) then the fact that the Warm take cost WAY less will be a huge factor in people's attitude. 4-Channel Microphone and Instrument Amplifier. With Warm Audio, the attitude is COMPLETELY different and I suspect that the sheer affordableness of their gear has much to do with it. Warm WA-412 vs API 3124 vs Daking IV I just purchased(as in 5 minutes before posting this) a Warm WA-412. Warm Audio WA-412 Preamp The Warm Audio WA-412 Preamp provides 4-channels of classic American console preamps in a sleek 1RU design. Blind, RMS matched I had a tough time picking a preference between it and the Great River MP-2NV. 11 ratings . Featuring fully discrete socketed 6-pin opamps and custom wound Altran USA input and output transformers, the WA-412 leaves nothing to be desired. 100% discrete, transformer-balanced circuit; Altran USA Custom wrapped premium input and output transformers; X520 operational amplifiers in each channel (exchangeable if required, as plugged on base) As a testament to how similar the two units sound, I can let you know that my fellow engineers and I never felt the need to spend the extra two minutes plugging our API unit back in when setting up for a session. The Warm Audio WA-412 delivers the vintage magic of a venerable American console preamp. It sounds really good. This style of preamp is often referred to as the sound of Rock n' Roll for its BIG punchy low end and smooth open top end. It uses quality USA made components found in preamplifiers with much higher price tags. I did pick the Great River but it wasn't with a great deal of confidence. With its fat, punchy bass and sweet, open high end, the 4-channel WA-412 preamp/DI packs the classic sound of rock 'n' roll into a sleek 1RU chassis. After years of Working on a daily basis with an API 3124+ , I can Safely Say that this is the PERFECT Compliment to that pre . The Warm Audio WA-412 is a four-channel mic preamp with DI (Direct Input) that has a striking classic look and is housed in a standard 1U, 19” rackmount chassis. The Warm Audio WA-412 happily sat in the rack throughout the review period and was used on a number of recording sessions. So We (Atlas Sound Review) had the Chance to Get one of the NEW WA412 Pre amps From Warm Audio . They do sound different (well, as far as mic pres go) but both sounded large and real and classic to me. 4 Channel Microphone Preamplifer + Instrument DI. Like the original API 312; the WA-412 uses discrete op amps inspired by the vintage API 2520. Fully discrete, transformer coupled, through-hole component topology. Delivering a punchy performance with a vivid, forward midrange, the WA-412 excels in bringing out the energy in all types of modern pop recordings, from rock to hip hop and electronica; a … With its latest vintage American style preamp, Warm Audio has taken the API sound to a new level. It should be here in a few days so I'll post my findings once I've had a chance to play with it, but I'm ready to buy some more and I like the … Did my first (brief) test with the WA-412 tonight. Warm Audio WA412 4 Channel Microphone Preamp Features.

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