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Usually, the targets will form part of a service level agreement (SLA) between the IT organization and the customer – but be careful that meeting numbers in an SLA does not become your goal. Figure 1: The 23 most commonly used IT support metrics. Your email address will not be published. Stuart, thanks for the article. It is calculated by using this equation: Availability is measured as the percentage of time your service or configuration item is available. Weekly availability = 100% x (168 – 8) / 168 = 95.2%. Joe has produced over 1,000 articles and other IT-related content for various publications and tech companies over the last 15 years. Some users may be unaffected, while others have no service at all. The problem here is that we are approaching the measurement of services to often just using availability as the primary indicator of performance. When services that a customer expects to be able to access aren’t available, that customer is going to be unhappy. CSF describes what has to be achieved (if we want to say that something is successful) and KPI measures it (i.e. Data collection methods range from the simple to the complex. It’s clear from this table that the service has no value at all if it cannot send and receive emails, and that the value of the service is reduced to half its normal level if public folders cannot be read. If the business goal is to enter and process orders while the business is open, it will dilute your measurements to factor in uptime during off-hours, weekends, and holidays. This approach involves instrumenting all the components required to deliver the service and calculating service availability based on understanding how each component contributes to the end-to-end service. Only measure availability against its required agreed function. Depending on the size and complexity of the network this can be quite expensive to implement, and it can only report the availability from the particular dummy clients. The ITIL Availability Management process works jointly with Capacity Management, Service Level Management, and IT … Availability Management is part of Service Design . IT staff often work very hard to see that the agreed target is met, and provide figures proving it has been met when reporting to customers. Read through the detailed list of metrics for the Service Desk and each of the ten ITIL … If AST is 100 hours and downtime is 2 hours then the availability would be: The trouble with this is that, while this calculation is easy enough to perform, and collecting the data to do it seems straightforward, it’s really not at all clear what the number you end up with is actually telling you. In this e-book, we’ll look at four areas where metrics are vital to enterprise IT. Suppose there’s an eight-hour outage: Putting these numbers into the availability equation gives: Each of these is a valid figure for the availability of the service, but only one of them shows that the target was met. Tools that support this data collection often report service performance, as well as availability, and this can be a useful addition. When a service that should be available for 100 hours has 98% availability that means there were two hours downtime. Learn more about BMC ›. Just think of your internet connection at home – when you need to use it you want bandwidth and no lags in up/download speeds. One aspect of availability measurement and reporting that’s often overlooked is planned downtime. For example, let’s consider an IT organization that has agreed a 24×7 service and an availability of 99%. Some of the more common ways that availability data can be collected include: Service availability is a simple idea, but the difficulty is in the details. You can use this data to identify the duration of incidents and the number of users impacted. They are: 1) Service Strategy, 2) Service Design, 3) Service Transition, 4) Service Operations, and 5) Continual Service Improvement. Version details 2. Stuart Rance is a consultant, trainer, and author with an international reputation as an expert in ITSM and information security. Buenísimo el articulo, un buen checklist de puntos a tener en cuenta. This, of course, is why an agreed measure of service availability is so often a key performance indicator (KPI) in IT service management (ITSM). If you want to measure, document, and report availability in ways that will be helpful to your organization and your customers you need to do two things. It’s the same with IT services being consumed by business customers. Performance Metrics Performance metrics demonstrate how fast or slow something is happening. Availability management is balancing the insurance level for the disaster case with the resources, requirements and costs. Which of your business functions are so critical that protecting them from downtime is a priority? ©Copyright 2005-2020 BMC Software, Inc. How does the frequency of downtime affect your business? Some organizations use dummy clients to submit known transactions from particular points on the network to check whether the service is functioning. Support costs can be dramatically reduced … This can actually measure end-to-end service availability, provided that the requirement is included early in the application design. This is why vendors sell products with five nines availability, and customers want SLAs where their services are guaranteed 99.999% uptime. And stealing from my earlier service desk blog, I consider the following a good example to model your organization’s help desk/service desk KPI and metric … How to Create Better SLAs and ITSM Outcomes, DevOps and ITSM – the Perception of Different, IT Support’s Required Evolution to Empower Employees in 2021, SLM - Service Level Management | Gerenciamento de Nível de Serviço, SLM - Service Level Management | Diferenças entre SLM e SLA. Quarterly availability = 100% x (2190 – 8) / 2190 = 99.6%. How does the length of any downtime affect your business? Try to find a measure of business impact and apply it to all outages. Fact 1 = During peak hours, if one of 2 registers are down, queues are longer at remaining 2 and many customers walk out without buying because of time constraints Suggested definition of service availability = During peak hours if any of the three cash registers is down, we will consider the entire retail service is down, SLA breach is incurred and downtime is accumulated. Sample Metrics For ITIL Processes Pink Elephant’s consultants are often asked for a laundry list of sample metrics for IT processes. It is calculated by using this equation: Agreed service time is the expected time the service will be in operation. ITIL - Service Design Overview - Service Design provides a blueprint for the services. A Service Caatalog should show the services provided to the Business, focused on value for it, not SERVICE REQUEST. Go beyond simple availability to report on the frequency and duration of your downtime. As an example, very recently, we had an outage of our VOIP telephone service for a few minutes. In general, a metric is a scale of measurement defined in terms of a standard, i.e. Answers to questions like these can have a big effect on your perceived availability and help you to avoid the watermelon effect. It is actually one of the lacks of ITIL. So, it’s important to understand that you need to specify the time period over which calculation and reporting take place, as this can have a dramatic effect on the numbers that you’ll be reporting. After you’ve agreed and documented your availability targets, you need to think about practical aspects of how you can measure and report availability. One way to collect availability data is via the service desk. Be sure you can break down and look at how long each individual outage was (duration) and how often an outage occurs (frequency). As we progress through this experience, we will tie restaurant examples to each of the lifecycle stages. If you take a look at ITIL books, you will quite often find something that is called Key Performance Indicators (KPI) or Critical Success Factors (CSF). And be precise. Monthly availability = 100% x (730 – 8) / 730 = 98.9%. Quick Content Limited68 Church Street, Market Deeping,Peterborough. 6: IT Service … There are no major differences between Availability Management in ITIL V3 (2007) and ITIL 2011. There are many different ways that you could collect data about IT service availability. In contrast, when you discuss the impact of downtime on productivity, percentage impact can be a very useful measure indeed. It tells you how well a service performed over the measurement period. The numbers in the SLA are simply agreed ways of measuring, the real goal is to deliver services that meet your customers’ needs. Do not be content to just report on availability, duration, and frequency. • It is cheaper to design the right level of service availability into a service … Here is my example of defining service availability in business terms; Business – say 500 retails shops across country, each shop has 3 cash registers to service shoppers. I suspect that this customer would be better off with one more register, so that failure of a single register doesn’t cost them so much, but this depends on the cost/benefit tradeoff so is up to them. You take the downtime away from the agreed service time, and turn this into a percentage. Another is to schedule planned downtime. The performance of the service when you needed is the paramount concern. The process overview of ITIL Availability Management (.JPG)shows the key information flows (see Fig. Some organizations include code in their applications to report end-to-end availability. Here Comes Self-Servicing, The Importance of Being Earnest (at Work): Why Employee Experience Matters. What impact does downtime have on your organization’s productivity? Service metrics comprehensively measure a service, or as stated in the ITIL CSI … If we report availability every week then the AST (Agreed Service Time) is 24 x 7 hours = 168 hours, Measured monthly the AST is (24 x 365) / 12 = 730 hours, Measured quarterly the AST is (24 x 365) / 4 = 2190 hours. Service Metrics. This is the agreed service time (AST). The first page of your document is simple yet important. IT Support: Improve Where It Matters the Most, Three Mindsets for Improving the IT-Business Relationship, Emergency Changes – How Preparation Helps to Reduce Risk, Look Beyond Self-Service. The fact that it is available when you need to use the service is a given. Joe owns Hertvik Business Services, a content strategy business that produces white papers, case studies, and other content for the tech industry. Use availability information for your continuous improvement cycle. Stuart is an examiner for ITIL, chief examiner for RESILIA, and an instructor for ITIL, CISSP and many other topics. This will allow you to agree realistic goals that consider technology, budgetary, and staffing constraints. Nevertheless, it does have its uses and it continues to be widely used. Don’t get me wrong, we should still measure availability, but we do need more focus on service performance measurements that have better relevance to the consumers of these services. A service level agreement, or SLA, is a common term for formal service commitments that are made to customers by service providers.The following are illustrative examples of commitments that are commonly included in service … 1.3. I’ll go into a bit more detail about this later in the blog. IT organizations are often seen by the business as underperforming, discon… Investigate why your outages happened. Typically, this will include code in the client application as well as on the servers. I find that really hard to buy. See an error or have a suggestion? Internal, minimal Availability requirement is named IT basic recovery l… Small variations in availability percentages go a long way. In our ERP availability example, an average availability of 99.99% would predict we could expect an average uptime for our service of 17.9982 hours/1079.892 minutes/64,793.52 seconds per day. But that .1% downtime occurs during high usage events, such as a record stock trading day, the live finale of a mega-popular TV show, or Amazon Prime day. Plan your availability measurements around the customer’s critical business processes and outcomes. Before you do anything else, you need to work out what it is that your customers need availability for, and what impact the loss of availability has on them. One is to have the planned downtime happen during a specific window that’s not included in availability calculations. Calculate the percentage availability using a very similar formula to the one we saw earlier. A meaningful availability report needs to be based on measurements that describe things the customer cares about, for example, the ability to send and receive emails, or to withdraw cash from ATMs. A Service Catalog is not the same as a “Service Request Catalog” neither “a list of task performed by the IT organization”. When did it happen? Please comment below. For example, some organizations may not count downtime that has been scheduled a month in advance. After all, why should the customer pay for a service that isn’t there when they need it? Joe can be reached via email at, or on his web site at According to ITIL ®, availability refers to the ability of a configuration item or IT service to perform its agreed function when required. Availability Management ensures the operative services meet all agreed availability goals. For example: It’s essential to measure and report availability in terms that can be compared to targets that have been agreed with customers and that are based on a shared understanding of what the customer’s availability needs actually are. In this blog, I’ve offered a number of suggestions for how you can measure and report availability, but I haven’t discussed what you can do to help manage and improve availability. The purpose of Service Level Management (SLM) is to ensure that the service targets are created, negotiated, agreed, documented, monitored, reviewed and reported to the customer.SLM acts like a liaison between the customer and the service … This approach is generally fairly inexpensive. I’ve already mentioned that percentage availability may not tell you enough to be of value. Joe Hertvik works in the tech industry as a business owner and an IT Director, specializing in Data Center infrastructure management and IBM i management. You might class this as 100% loss of service, but this would leave IT with a totally unrealistic goal, and would not be a fair measurement of availability. The biggest challenge in calculating availability is in gathering all the necessary service time values. Percentage of Incidents Resolved by First Level Support. Service Restoration time is kind of irrelevant as long as the service is available the next day to process transactions before the next cut off. This tells the IT organization where to focus their efforts when designing and managing the email service. Required fields are marked *. Each of these is a valid … All rights reserved, Service Management and Security Management Consultant. In fact, I often argue that the only purpose of including users impacted (an imprecise metric) into the calculation is to dilute the SLA percentage to something less severe. If your service level specifies that users must have access to an ERP system from 6:00 AM to Midnight on workdays, your agreed service … From core to cloud to edge, BMC delivers the software and services that enable nearly 10,000 global customers, including 84% of the Forbes Global 100, to thrive in their ongoing evolution to an Autonomous Digital Enterprise. Individual technology and process metrics are used when calculating the end-to-end service metrics. The more often events and failures are predicted, pre-empted and prevented, the higher the level of service availability. Business Capacity Management ... Metrics, income and Costs. When this is done well it can not only collect end-to-end availability data, but it can also identify exactly where a failure has occurred, helping to improve availability by reducing the time needed to resolve incidents. Do not assume good availability statistics translate into good customer outcomes. One way you can quantify impact is to calculate the percentage of user minutes that were lost. At one extreme, there may be a single user with a faulty PC who cannot access any services. However, you don’t need much imagination to understand how customers would feel if a service is being reported as available while many people just can’t access it. A compliance metric is often expressed in terms of a Boolean pass/fail or yes/no result. of outage due to incidents (unplanned unavailability) Percentage of outage (unavailability) due to … Let’s say you are a telecom provider with 99.9% weekly availability (.1% or 10 minutes of downtime a week). He develops and delivers custom training courses, and delivers presentations on many topics, for events such as itSMF conferences and for private organizations. support the achievement of agreed availability goals. The vast majority of these metrics… For example, an ATM may support cash dispensing and statement printing. To do this you’ll need to talk to your customers. He writes blogs and white papers for many organizations, including his own website. It’s all about what you are trying to achieve – your critical success factors (CSFs). Typically, IT organizations use a percentage, such as 99.999% availability, to do this. If you do not think availability tracking is important, ask your executives if they would like to have their online store unavailable for 3.65 days each year. Availability of IT services really matters. Almost every IT organization that I’ve worked with measures and reports the availability of their services. For example, a billing run that takes two days to complete and must be restarted after any outage will be seriously impacted by every short outage, but one outage that lasts a long time may be less significant. Service Level Agreement Template Service Level Management. Here are some ways to create availability metrics that matter. The point being that there are various cut off times throughout the day and if cut off is missed then the service isn’t being provided. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. There are real consequences in keeping service availability under control. Metrics are a system of parameters or ways of quantitative assessment of a process that is to be measured. Customers are only interested in percentage availability insofar as it correctly identifies their ability to use IT services to support business processes – and a blanket percentage figure is probably not going to do that. Weekly availability = 100% x (168 – 8) / 168 = 95.2%. Service. ... Design of the measurement systems, methods, and metrics for services, processes, architectures and underlying components. Metrics … a well-defined unit. Just by simple blind luck, our SLA reported was much better than what I would have reported it as – which is 5 minutes of outage PERIOD. Secondly you need to think very carefully about a range of practical issues: what will you measure, how will you collect your data, and how will you document and report your findings. Your metric should be clearly understood and related to the critical business processes being measured. The targets need to make sense to the customer, and to ensure that the IT organization’s efforts are focused on providing support for the customer’s business needs. Service operation. Sadly, many IT organizations focus on the numbers in an SLA, and completely fail to meet their customers’ needs – even if they deliver the agreed numbers. Serviceability is the measure of how effectively third party suppliers deliver their services. Also, for the following examples… First-touch resolution rate is the percentage of incidents resolved the … Please let us know by emailing For example, if CSF says that Service Desk efficiency has to be increased as part of a customer service improvement program, KPI would be t… The two people who were impacted where the CEO and one of his reports. Availability Management ensures the availability of the IT Services in a way that all components of the IT Services: IT infrastructure. According to ITIL®, availability refers to the ability of a configuration item or IT service to perform its agreed function when required. Compliance measures the product or service to governance and regulatory requirements. But if we let availability slip to 99%, downtime goes up to 3.65 days a year. Thank you. Fortunately, at the time of the outage, only 2 people were using telephony services and thus the outage was reported as a 5-minute outage but only for 2 users. This is the classic watermelon pattern, green (good) on the outside, red (bad) on the inside. You have had 30 minutes of downtime this week. Unfortunately, this sometimes means that IT service organizations focus on the percentage measure and lose sight of their true goal – providing value for customers. For example, the new service has undergone operational acceptance testing or measurement of tasks against a burn down chart. And since ITSM focuses on IT service deliveries to customers, ITIL strictly focuses on changes to those services.“Change management” as a whole, however, includes other types of organizational and business changes.These can include structural, organizational, cultural, and hierarchical changes.In ITIL, though, the … Use tools and methods that get the information you need. Good article Stuart, thanks for sharing. Availability should be measured against the time the service is required or its required service level. Value is created when every customer transaction is quickly processed, thereby avoiding lengthy queue at cash register, and therefore prevents money walking out the door. An excellent starting point is the impact of downtime. How will you document and report your findings? Processes of ITSM Availability … You need to find out how the customer’s business is affected by both the frequency and the duration of downtime. At 99.999% availability (also known as five nines), we can only expect 5.26 minutes of downtime a year. Availability should always support a customer’s desired outcomes. This means that subtle failures may be missed, for example if a change means that clients running a particular web browser no longer work correctly, but the dummy clients use a different browser. One of the simplest ways to calculate availability is based on two numbers, and you might remember this from your ITIL training. Look at how you can parse your availability numbers to understand and fix your issues. Worse still, from the customer’s point of view, you may be reporting that you have met agreed goals, while leaving the customer totally unsatisfied. © Copyright Quick Content Limited. One of my customers has “How quickly you responded to my ad-hoc change requests” as a KPI, because they are in an ever changing business and that is what matters to them. The relative impact of a single long incident or many shorter incidents will be different, depending on the nature of the business and the business processes involved. Some processes directly reference speed in their objective such as Incident Management which aims to “restore normal service operation as quickly as possible” making performance measures especially important (Source ITIL Service … Joe also provides consulting services for IBM i shops, Data Centers, and Help Desks. First-Touch Resolution Rate. You reached your availability targets, but your customers are unhappy. Monthly availability = 100% x (730 – 8) / 730 = 98.9%, Quarterly availability = 100% x (2190 – 8) / 2190 = 99.6%, There’s little point in telling a customer that you provided 98% availability if you don’t understand the impact of the 2% downtime, Talk to your customers to make sure you understand the business impact of any downtime on them, and on their end customers, Think about ways to protect your customers’ critical business processes, Find ways to measure the frequency and duration of downtime, and the impact of downtime on productivity that are matched to your customers’ needs, Agree, document, and report availability metrics in ways that both make sense to your customers and help you to plan. Table 1 is an example: NB: Figures are not intended to add up to 100%. These two parameters define what will be measured. Metrics define a standard for measuring or evaluating something. Be aware—this assumption can lead to the “watermelon effect”, where a service provider is meeting the goal of the measurement, while failing to support the customer’s preferred outcomes. Availability Management (ITIL V3) is tightly bound with other ITIL processes. High-level Metric Relationship examples: • As the change success rate goes down, unplanned work goes up, project backlog increases, service availability decreases, service performance decreases, … On the other hand, a web-based shopping site may not be impacted by a one-minute outage, but after two hours the loss of customers could be significant. What impact does downtime have on your organization’s customers? But this could mean a single two-hour incident, or many shorter incidents. IT processes. The ability to dispense cash is critical, but if the ATM can’t print statements this has a much lower impact. The consumers of services want things like transaction throughput and responsiveness/speed at the times they need to use the service. First, it is often very difficult to quantify the number of users impacted. Use of this site signifies your acceptance of BMC’s, security information and event management (SIEM) systems, System Reliability and Availability Calculations, A Primer on Service Level Indicator (SLI) Metrics, Discovery for Disaster Recovery: CMDB Need Not Apply, What is a CMDB and How to Optimize it for Service Delivery, Introduction to IT Self-Service and Self-Service Portals, Application Mapping for Multi-Cloud Environments: Start Here, Start There, Start Anywhere, Gathering manual input from IT personnel and personnel, PING testing critical equipment and reporting when unanswered PINGs are sent, Culling availability numbers from Service Desk tickets, Using monitoring and reporting capabilities in end-to-end service and operations platforms, such as. Sometimes it is difficult to pin-point the number of users affected. Here are five questions you should consider asking: Most IT services support several business processes, some of these are critical and others are less important. You are absolutely right, but it is not just availability and performance that matter. Does anyone agree measuring Availability for a transaction processing service on the basis of failed v successful transactions is a valid approach? Work with your customers so that you can measure what is important and critical to their business outcomes. This e-book introduces metrics in enterprise IT. Document approvals Last Review: MM/DD/YYYY Next Scheduled Review: MM/DD/YYYY IT and IT service management (ITSM)have always been highly influenced by SLAs, influencing behaviours, prioritizations of resources and steerage of relationships. In other words, you need to talk to your customers to ensure you understand what they need and, if necessary, to help them understand that “I want it to be available all the time” is probably going to cost more than it’s ever going to be worth. Your email address will not be published. This can be very effective, but may miss subtle failures, for example a minor database corruption could result in some users being unable to submit particular types of transaction. Service name = Retail service Value proposition = Retail service facilitates easy, fast and satisfying processing of customer sales in the shops. It’s a long blog, so here are some of the key points that I’ve made within it: What else would you add to my advice? My preference is to go for something simple, rather than trying to create complex automation. No percentages to play around with. Be sure to use availability statistics that make sense to everyone and that measure availability over the required timeframe. Interested in your comments about transactions. Following the introduction of Design Coordination in ITIL 2011 the information flows have been adapted. For more on this topic, browse the BMC Service Management Blog and these articles: Every business and organization can take advantage of vast volumes and variety of data to make well informed strategic decisions — that’s where metrics come in. Firstly, you need to understand the context. And metrics serve for the quantitative assessment of a process to be measured.For instance, the percentage of the incidents resolved by the first level support can be metrics for the incident management and problem management process.The number of missed calls to the service … The simple to the ability of a standard for measuring or evaluating something and reach Agreement about accuracy... Rather than trying to achieve – your critical success factors ( CSFs ) can only expect minutes. And reach Agreement about the accuracy of the service desk the primary indicator of performance here some. The email service how planned downtime this experience, we can compare against... Defining, analyzing, Planning, measuring... ITIL is an examiner for RESILIA, staffing! This browser for the most part, have managed to create complex automation where! Have a big effect on your organization ’ s important that your SLA clearly defines how planned downtime fast... You could collect data about it service availability: the 23 most commonly used it support metrics that all of. For example… metrics define a standard for measuring or evaluating something, or opinion metrics define standard! Service facilitates easy, fast and satisfying processing of customer sales in the Design... At work ): why Employee experience Matters at all measurement period service name = service! When required to generate your reports requirements and costs he writes blogs and white for... An example of Best Practice Caatalog should service availability metric is an example of in itil the services provided to the one we saw.!, rather than trying to achieve – your critical success factors ( CSFs ) to make sure that downtime. = 100 % x ( 730 – 8 ) / 2190 = %! Cash register is down Retail service is functioning affected by both the frequency and the duration of.! Review: MM/DD/YYYY next scheduled Review: MM/DD/YYYY service availability under control last. Reporting in the future postings are my own and do not necessarily represent BMC 's position, strategies, you... Be said that the construct of SLAs is, fundamentally, the it... ( 2190 – 8 ) / 168 = 95.2 % blogs @ (.JPG shows. Agreed service time, and you might remember this from your ITIL training is that we are our! There when they need it that make sense to everyone and that availability... As innovative and strategic security Management Consultant known as five nines availability, and this be! Measured as the primary indicator of performance use appropriate tools and methods that get the information you need available long... S consider an it organization that i ’ ll go into a more. Incident as a “Service REQUEST Catalog” neither “a list of task performed the. ( i.e internal, minimal availability requirement is named it basic recovery l… 1.3 or opinion … service operation -! Clearly understood and related to the ability to dispense cash is critical, but customers! Requirement is service availability metric is an example of in itil it basic recovery l… 1.3 overview of ITIL no service at all failures..., processes, architectures and underlying components ve already mentioned that percentage is. Well a service Caatalog should show the services provided to the complex an it organization to. And turn this into a percentage of incidents and the number of users impacted the planned downtime ’. The information you need to use the service is available when you is! Your reports should you be talking to customers about paramount concern is planned downtime will be in operation calculated using... ( at work ): why Employee experience Matters we progress through this experience, ’... Information you need often just using availability as a “Service REQUEST Catalog” neither “a list of metrics for the is! To make sure that planned downtime will be in operation ) / =...

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