literary devices practice 1 answers

Take the Quiz: Literary Techniques. The rain was cold – like death… Metaphor A direct comparison between two things. A text about a person’s life written by the person who lived that life is called ____. Flashcards. NP ... DEVICE: Group 1 RANKING: Group 2 RANKING: Group 3 RANKING: Group 4 RANKING: Group 5 RANKING: Group 6 RANKING: Group 7 RANKING: analogy 3 3 3 4 2 3 repetition 2 4 1 1 1 1 … the critical parts of a story including character, setting, plot, and sequence. This test contains 15 AP english literature and composition practice questions with detailed explanations, to be completed in 16 minutes. Many authors wont simply come out and say exactly what they mean in their works they use a variety of techniques and devices to enrich their work and make it more interesting. e.g. a memoir. Spell. 1. Gravity. dmoan. setting. Parallelism Practice ANSWERS When I pack my own lunch I like to pack apples, oranges, and to eat pears. Literary devices related to meaning: Literary devices Meaning and examples Simile A comparison between two things using ‘like’ or ‘as’. plot. writing that relates an event or a series of events. Write. ... a traditional story that attempts to explain a natural phenomenon or justify a certain practice or belief of a society. Then answer the questions about literary elements and narrator. a. grateful b. worried c. sad 2. It's an essential requirement to have some knowledge of some basic literary terms to write something that matters. a literary device used to create a special effect or feeling by making some type of interesting or creative comparison. STUDY. This quiz is based on some literary terms that define and identify personification, alliteration, hyperbole, assonance, onomatopoeia, metaphor, and simile. Narration. Come, take this quiz and score as much as you can. A reference to a statement, a person, a place, or an event from literature, the arts, history, religion, mythology, politics, sports or science. e.g. AP English Literature and Composition Practice Test 1. Literature Elements: For each item below, select one of the literature elements listed and write it on the line after the sentence. answer choices allusion 2. The storm was a raging beast. Created by. the location and time where a … Plot – 1st Person – 3rd Person – Theme – Symbolism – Protagonist – Antagonist – Conflict – Climax – Setting The point of view is _____. Can be used in conjunction with the Literary Devices Cheat Sheet or purchased in a complete lesson bundle complete with a presentation and project idea. the structure of events in a story. Terms in this set (9) story elements. Match. The overall tone of the story is _____. Question 1 Literary Terms Practice Test for the English Basics. Practice Exercise 4 ..... 103 Answer Key and Explanations..... 106 Chapter 3 About the Multiple-Choice Questions Related to an essay. a biography. Literary Elements Practice 1 Instructions: Read the selection below. Have your students practice the six most common/important literary devices with this worksheet and answer key. Each literature element will be used only ONE time. Learn. ... Also remember that, while other answers could work, you are looking for the best answer. See if you can identify some of the more common techniques. Literary Terms Quiz #1. Personification Attributing human characteristics to objects, ideas, animals Test. PLAY. Parable.

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